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Commercial EPC

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What are Commercial EPC's?

A Commercial EPC enables a potential buyer, tenant or building occupier to assess the value of a property when buying or renting a commercial building. Knowing the Energy Performance of a building can increase its worth, due to the additional energy savings.

The Commercial EPC gives the whole building a rating between "A" being the most energy efficient and "G" being the least energy efficient, for energy performance. This allows you the ability to compare fuel savings with other similar buildings, by seeing what rating they have achieved.

EPCs are required, for all “conditioned” commercial properties more than 50 square metres when they are sold, let, modified (building fabric or services) or constructed.

A “conditioned” property is one with a roof and walls which uses energy to condition the indoor climate, i.e. some levels of heating, mechanical ventilation or cooling.

Before a property is sold or let, a Commercial EPC must be in place. The assessment process must be carried out by an Energy Assessor who has the correct NDEA qualification. The collection of data for the Commercial Energy Performance Certificate can be a lot more complex than for Domestic properties.

We will therefore supply you with the correct level Non-Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) who will carry out the survey in the quickest possible time. All our assessors are fully compliant with Government guidelines and industry conventions. They are also fully accredited and have professional indemnity insurance through their accreditation bodies. We cover all areas of England, Wales and Scotland.

We will quote for the work to be done depending on the complexity of the building to be surveyed. The Commercial EPC visit will normally take between one to two hours to complete. We will inform you of this before the Commercial Energy Assessor is assigned to your property.

What buildings are exempt?

The following buildings do not require an EPC:-

Places of worship

Stand alone buildings of less than 50sq metres.

Particular buildings with a low energy demand (e.g. barns and other agricultural buildings)

Temporary buildings with a planned time of use of two years or less

Buildings due to be shortly demolished

What information do we require?

1. Size of the property to be assessed in square metres or square feet

2. A photograph of the property.

3. Plans of the property if they are available.

4. Property Address with postcode.

5. Your contact details with email, home and mobile numbers.

6. The time scale you may be working to.


What will the Assessor be looking at in the building?

The Commercial Energy Assessor needs to map out and understand the internal layout of the building and for what purpose each part is designed for.

They will be surveying and gathering data on all of the following in order to produce the Commercial EPC:-

The construction of the fabric of the building and the thermal efficiency of the materials used in the roofs, walls, floors, and windows and doors

The dimensions of the individual spaces or zones in the building either from existing floor plans or, as measured including window areas

The activities conducted within the zones, for example office space, retail space, storage, kitchen, staff rooms etc

The heating and ventilation services within each individual zone including the type of system, the system controls, metering etc

The specific lighting and controls within each zone

Get a Quote from us

Each job we take, we will quote according to the complexity of the building or buildings concerned. The price with therefore be reflected by this. You can either fill out our contact form (see link on this page) or email us direct with your information. If you need help and guidance please feel free to phone us on 01323 841488 or 07867 960 711. Our Energy Assessment Manager will help you with anything you need assistance with.